Premium Travel Agency

PRIME ESCAPES is a premium travel agency offering a tourism concierge service for an upper-class clientele who is looking for a full service agency to fulfill their extensive travel needs. With more than 10 years experience in providing the best luxury holidays, we do everything to turn an exclusive trip into a prime escape.

Each month PRIME ESCAPES selects one outstanding prime escape from around the world to be featured as “Escape of the Month”. Since the quality of our service is really important to us, we do not rely on any third-party hearsay, but rather inspect each one of the selected prime escapes by ourselves.

Get Inspired and Book with Us

With our PRIME ESCAPES we are continouosly creating a portfolio of carefully selected hideaways. We’d be more than happy to arrange your upcoming high-end vacation – just contact us and let’s inspire you!

Become a Prime Escape

Due to quality purposes we generally select all prime escapes carefully by ourselves. However, if you feel that your property is destined to become the next “Escape of the Month”, please do not hesitate to contact us! Your application will receive our best care and will be considered for site inspection if it fulfills our quality criteria.

All hand-picked hideaways or travel destinations will be featured on our website and social media channels and of course will be spread within our travel-addicted clientele.