Luxury and extravagance, Baroque kitsch at its finest, too beautiful to be true, a Wellness palace beyond equal. The …liebes Rot-Flüh is different, simply beyond compare and it cannot be typecast. You can infer this attitude from its unusual name. Where our five star hotel is located today there was a little farm in the 17th century, where waggoners were provided with food and drink. Today dreams come true here and a single day and a single night is all you need to feel like a prince or a princess. A fairytale atmosphere and a range on offer that suits you makes this possible. The  …liebes Rot-Flüh was once chosen as the best hotel in Austria by the Federal Ministry for Health and Social Welfare, as the hotel which was the most welcoming for families and for being  pro-women – it has been awarded the Wellness Aphrodite award several times and its many other commendations speak for themselves. The greatest commendation for us is still our guests’ enthusiasm and their approval.

Do not miss a dinner in the Via Mala Restaurant with an authentic thunderstorm.